We throw the BEST parties specializing in birthdays, company outings, fundraisers and even weddings for groups of 20-120

Call or submit your party request here so we can personally assist you with your event. 

Got a question? Need a reservation? Just wanna talk? Drop us a line here: 

We make almost everything on our menu from scratch and use grass fed beef as well as free range chicken in our sandwiches. We also fry in 100% peanut oil.

We promise - we won't let you leave hungry

After almost 20 years if slingin' drinks, we've come up with a few real tasty ones. We fresh squeeze our citrus and infuse our house vodkas and rums for a tried and true Tiki menu. 

We have some good American craft beers, too! 

Playboy magazine calls us Chicago's "Great Place for Karaoke." 

We don't do contests, we have great karaoke hosts, lots of songs and liquid courage (If you need it)!

We'd rather see you sitting with your friends at a table or snug up to the bar but when you can't be here, stay in touch! We're always here.